QueenSociety VIP Membership

  • $50.00

Queen Society VIP Membership include the following perks: 

  • Exclusive VIP membership deals and first dibs on new arrivals/restocks!
  • Personal Shopper Experience!
  • 12 months of 15% off your entire order each time you shop!
  • FREE Shipping on all orders!
How does it work:
We notify you directly of new arrivals prior to them being uploaded to the store, you let us know what looks you desire, we then draft up an invoice and forward over to you. Providing you with a hassle-free exclusive shopping experience! 

To purchase

  • Add the QP VIP Card to your cart and checkout. 
  • After checking out you will receive your very own unique 15% off coupon code via email that can be used each time you check out. 
  • Your actual VIP card will arrive via USPS Priority Mail within 5-10 business days. 
  • We will also use this same code on your invoices whenever we provide you with personal shopping services. 

Start your exclusive shopping experience today! 



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